To keep your feet happy and healthy, a professional pedicure should be scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks.

For both men and women, pedicures are excellent for maintaining healthy nails, cuticles and skin.

Here are just some of the many ways that pedicures are good for your health.

They prevent infections

There are a few ways you can get infections in your feet. If you don’t moisturize on a regular basis, the dry skin on your feet is more prone to infection because cracks form in the skin more easily. Additionally, the clipping, cleaning, and cutting of toenails that takes place during pedicures prevents the nails from growing inward and causing an infection.

They promote circulation

During a pedicure, you receive a massage of your feet and lower legs. The massaging helps promote the circulation of your blood. Increased blood circulation can prevent things like pain, arthritis, and varicose veins. Healthy blood flow also helps evenly distribute heat throughout your body. Finally, increased blood flow can help your lymph nodes clear toxins out of your body.

They improve nail health

Speaking of blood flow, pedicures increase blood flow in your nails as well. Not only does the buffing make your nails shiny and tidy, it can increase the flow of nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable to your nails.

They promote mental health

Finally, pedicures help promote your mental health. Just like massages, pedicures can help reduce stress. Stress is known as the “silent killer” because it is the root cause of so many illnesses and diseases that people experience. Pedicures are very relaxing, putting your mind at ease. Pedicures can also boost your confidence because they make your feet look great, so mental health benefits in that category as well.

Hands & Feet

essential pedicure (cut, file, paint)45 minR250
essential gel pedicure1 hrR290
French pedicure1 hrR290
deluxe pedicure1 hrR350
deluxe gel pedicure75 minR390
dual mani & pedi45 minR410
dual mani & pedi – gel polish1 hrR460
dual (gel) mani & (no gel) pedi1 hrR440
soak off20 minR85

essential man

pedi-man (cut, file, exfoliate, buff)45 minR235