Environ C-Quence Creme


C-Quence Crème is a light, luxurious moisturising crème containing a variety of antioxidants including vitamins C and E to help combat free radical damage and keep skin hydrated and feeling soft and smooth. It is formulated to work in synergy with C-Quence 1-4 serums. It can also be used with other Environ ranges as an added moisturiser.

*All Environ Products are prescription based and require our skin specialists to determine which product is appropriate for your current skin condition.
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  • Containing powerful antioxidants, it provides superb nourishment and moisture balance.
  • It is easily spreadable and rapidly absorbed.


  • Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone with your preferred Environ products.
  • Mix your recommended C-Quence Serum with the C-Quence Crème in the palm of your hand before applying to face, neck and décolleté – use morning and evening.